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About Us

Our History

In 2008, Vitapet Animal Clinic was established. With staunch of detemination to set the bar as the best clinic, Vitapet Animal Clinic has continually provided first rate medical services to its clients and simultaneously advanced its medical treatment for the sake of the veterinary arena. Also, we have embraced the state-of-the-art technologies like advanced gas anesthesia, radiology equipment, and veterinary-based lab equipments in an attempt to provide superior medical care. In addition, our clinic is well aware of the strong and special bond between pets and their owners. Unsuprisingly, our staff loves pets. Unfaltering and purposeful, they work as a strong team caring for all of our patients and offering the best choices to our patrons and patients day in day out because we all respect to our clinic’s golden rule : “Choose the best for your pet”.


Being Veterinary clinic that provides consulting services and the veterinary medical intensive care, professional and maximum based on the readiness of the existing human resources.


Giving priority to creating a life healing, comfort and better animal welfare and happiness for the owner. Complete facilities services under one roof cooperation giving and receiving with a smile transparant / open in medical explanations creative and innovative 

Equipped with advance technology

For them we love and care, VITAPET animal clinic bring the very best of our equipment in order to give you and your beloved pet the ultimate satisfaction in the pet healthcare services.

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